My 2021 Wrap-Up

Wow, it’s been almost a full year since my last blog post. Hard to believe, but there really hasn’t been too much information to publish this year.

While I enjoy game development, I also enjoy application development, and I have been gravitating to application development this past year. I spent time learning Flutter and Dart and rewrote Back In The Day using Flutter. I enjoy working with Flutter, and I do like developing apps, so I may spend some time here… I have a couple of enhancements planned for Back In The Day, as well as some new ideas for apps.

On the game development side, I worked on a re-write of Spell Them Out and started a re-write of Pumpkin Patch Match, both using Unity. Got very close to completion, but all that “extra” stuff to get the game published on mobile was just not fun and causing a lot of issues for me. Libraries for Ads (Admob), Game Services (iOS Game Center, Google Play), and In-App Purchases were always a nightmare to install, configure, or update, causing build errors and hours of time trying to figure out what went wrong. So, as of now, I have 2 games that are 90% complete… man, I spent a lot of time working on these games. I may revisit these again in the future.

Plans for 2022

The year 2022 marks my 30th year developing apps and games. My current plans are to continue to support my existing games as much as I can (lots of app store changes are making support for my 10 year old games a bit more difficult), develop some apps using Flutter, and perhaps release the games I rewrote with Unity (or perhaps redevelop using Flutter).

I am also considering creating a version of Space Mission: Survival for the PC platform… again. I’ve started a rewrite many, many times before and I don’t want to start and not finish again. The PC version would have some many enhancements, but it seems like I am the only one that likes this retro shooter, so I am a bit unsure I want to take this on.

Or maybe something completely different.

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