Apps and Games

I have several apps and games published on the iOS App Store and on Google Play. Below is a brief description of each app and links to the store page.

Spell Them Out

Spell words to remove tiles, causing the diamonds to drop. You need to remove all the diamonds from the game board in order to advance to the next level. Three games with three difficulty levels. My first published game, and still a popular download!

Alpha-beta Asteroids

A space-themed enhanced version of Spell Them Out. Spell words to remove the asteroids from the game grid. Earn enough stars to advance to the next level. Visit 8 planets, each with 5 levels, for 40 levels total.

Space Mission: Survival

Keep the astronauts alive by shooting wave after wave of alien ships. Capture floating astronauts and return them to the asteroids. The longer you survive, the harder it gets with this classic 1990s retro shooter.

Pumpkin Patch Match

A classic audio pattern matching game with a Halloween theme. Repeat the audio pattern to advance… see how many you can get in a row.

Tappy Easter

Create colorful Easter baskets in this color matching game. Swipe the egg to the correct basket as fast as you can.

Tappy Holidays

Holiday themed skill game… keep the balls from hitting the ground. The better you are, the faster they fall.

Tappy Valentines

Valentine’s Day themed skill game… keep the hearts from floating away.

Back In the Day: US Inflation Calculator

See how inflation affects the value of your money. A quick and easy calculator.