My Games

I write games for mobile and PC platforms. You can check out my games below. Click on a game to see info and links to various app stores.

My Corona Plugins

I am the author of 3 plugins for the CoronaSDK development platform: GBC Language CabinetGBC Data Cabinet, and my latest: GBC Object Pool

My Blog

Every so often, I write about what I am working on. I also write articles about CoronaSDK and Unity development. Check out my blog here.

My Mobile Games

Pumpkin Patch Match

Classic pattern matching game
Tappy Easter

Easter themed memory game
Space Mission: Survival

Retro arcade space shooter
Tappy Valentines Day

Holiday themed tap game
Tappy Holidays

Holiday themed tap game
Alphabeta Asteroids

Space themed word game
Spell Them Out!

Spelling game

My Mobile Utilities