Solar2D Plug-Ins

I developed several free plugins for Solar2D (CoronaSDK) for you to use.

GBC Data Cabinet

The GBCDataCabinet Plug-In allows the Solar2D developer to create and use session (located in memory) and persistent (located on storage) data throughout your application. You no longer have to create global variables to share data between Composer modules, for example. You can create as many cabinets as you want, and can store simple and complex data types, recall them when needed, and save them to storage.

GBC Language Cabinet

GBC Language Cabinet is an easy to use way to display text in different languages. Simply specify which languages you are supporting, create or import tables of translated text, and use a basic function call to return the text in the correct language. You can create language tables in code or you can import via a CSV or JSON file. Text strings can be enhanced with embedded keys to provide flexibility when generating text.

GBC Object Pooler

The GBC Object Pooler plugin allows the Solar2D developer to easily and quickly implement object pooling within your application. Using two lines of code, you can create an object pool. GBC Object Pool optimizes the management of pooling, allowing for object reuse and eliminates garbage collection inherently found with traditional create/destroy functions.

GBC Text Manager

GBC Text Manager provides enhanced text management to your Solar2D app/game. Create bitmapped fonts, and with a few calls, you can easily change text, font size, anchor points, alignment flow, and animation (whole word or individual characters).. all dynamically without the need to recreate text assets.