GBC Text Manager

GBC Text Manager is currently an unreleased product, as the community feedback was somewhat lacking during the transition of Solar2D to Open Source. If there is a renewed interest, I may release it, or open-source it.

Below is a proof of concept video showing the first iteration of GBC Text Manager. I am using this plugin for my personal development, and I am adding features as I need them… there is a lot of options I would love to add.

Current Features Include:

  • Can load and use multiple bit-mapped fonts.
  • Displays the fonts in various sizes.
  • Left/right/center alignment.
  • Sets anchors.
  • Flows text.
  • Can change text dynamically, without the need to destroy/recreate game objects.
  • Allows you to animate text as a whole or as individual letters.

Here is a video of GBC Text Manager’s potential: