My First (Upcoming) Unity Release

All of my previous game releases were written with CoronaSDK, but about two years ago, I decided to learn Unity. Since that time, I have used Unity for several game jams, but I have not officially released anything. Since September 2017, I have been working on a mobile game using Unity and I am planning on releasing it in the next couple of months.

I have three “Tappy” games released on mobile: Tappy Holidays, Tappy Valentines, and Pumpkin Patch Match (ie: Tappy Halloween). These are very basic games written in Corona, and I decided to create another simple Tappy game with Unity as a good first attempt. I present to you: Tappy Easter.

Tappy Easter will be my first new game in almost two years. It’s also my first released Unity game. I decided to try something “simple”  (although it became more complicated that I expected) so that I can learn what it takes to publish a mobile game with Unity. I already had a good understanding of C# coding, UI, graphics, etc. It was all of the additional “stuff” that makes a game that I had to learn. I decided to buy a couple of assets (in addition to the assets I already owned) to make it easier on myself. Here’s some detail around the new and additional things I encountered:

  • Mobile UI. I started working on swipe code myself, and decided to bite the bullet and buy an asset that helps with this. I purchased Fingers Touch Gestures, and decided to use that for my swipe code, as well as all the other tap code. What a time saver! Swipe, tap, gestures all included, and you can simulate it in the editor with your mouse.
  • Achievements. I purchased the Easy Mobile asset to help with integrating Google Play and Apple Game Center. Again, a great time saver. One call, and Easy Mobile takes care of everything. This asset has a lot of cool features to help with Achievements, Leaderboards, Advertisements, Ratings, and more.
  • Admob. Easy Mobile to the rescue again… so easy to configure and use.

Unrelated to Easy Mobile, I did have a hell of a time integrating Google Play and Admob on the Android version of Tappy Easter.  It took a couple of days to figure out and fix the issue. Turns out Google includes libraries in each asset that are incompatible with each other, so you have to be sure you are only importing the latest version of the libraries. A lot of time was spent looking up the problem and figuring it out. The solution is so simple but is not documented adequately enough.

Other assets I bought previously were DoTween and Text Mesh Pro… both are fantastic. Both are free, although there is an enhanced paid version of DOTween I recommend. DoTween is a very powerful and fast tweening library, and I use this in everything I develop. Text Mesh Pro is unbelievable for enhancing your text. I purchased it prior to Unity making this a free asset.

I also decided to learn Unity Analytics, especially for the Remote Settings feature. I can see this being valuable… once I understand it a bit more.

All in all, it was a great learning experience, and I expect Tappy Easter to be available some time in mid to late February.


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