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John Schumacher, Indie Game Developer
John Schumacher, Indie Game Developer

I am an indie developer, currently writing games for mobile platforms. I made the jump to mobile in 2012, and I have released 7 games/apps written with Solar2D in various mobile stores.

I am currently learning Unity, with the goal to release my mobile game, Space Mission: Survival, on PC and consoles.

Prior to mobile, I developed several applications under the Candlelight Software name. Under the Candlelight name, I released a couple of shareware products.

Around the same time, I spent a few years developing front-end applications for the BBS platform The MajorBBS / WorldLink back before the popularity of the Internet, when the BBS was the hot communications medium.

Back when I was developing applications as a full-time, nine-to-five job, I worked on the development of robotics and interfaces to laboratory devices, and data management tools. My current “day job” is in InfoSec and Risk Management.

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