Thoughts on My Ludum Dare 38 Results

Ludum Dare 38 is over and results have been released. Time to reflect on my score for this Compo, and perhaps compare some of the scores for this entry on my previous LD entries.

My Scores

Since the number of submitted entries is never the same, I converted my scores to percentages of total entries submitted, and will use these numbers for this article. Overall, I improved in all categories, and in fact, this is my best Ludum Dare out of the 4 I entered. I’ll point out a few of the categories in detail next.


My best category this time around, so I guess I understood the theme. For this LD, my idea came quite quickly. For my previous LDs, it took a long time before I felt comfortable with an idea to work on, and maybe that’s why those ratings were a bit lower, although I was a little surprised at the low rating for my LD37 entry, Bat Cave, since I think I got the “One Room” theme down, but I guess those that rated my game did not agree.


I’m within the top 25% for humor, and I am pleased with this. From time to time I do like to add a bit of humor to my LD games. For Contamination, I had to introduce bad germs that would attack the good ones, and what better way than through coughing and sneezing? I recorded an actual sneeze and some coughs and the rest is history. I am glad others liked it.


Within the top 30%. What else is there to say? Of course I strive to make my games fun… we all do. Not a bad score, but I would like it higher. I had to sacrifice some game play due to time and complexity… perhaps if I added those extra features, this rating would go a little higher.


Again, top 30%! Actually, looking at my previous 3 LD entries, the audio score was always getting worse. Nice to see this get better. One comment I always get for each entry is “the audio is too loud!”, which I find interesting since I just don’t get it. Maybe I play with the sound turned down or something, since the sounds appear fine for me, but this is something I need to attend to.

My Thoughts

Looking at my score, I am both happy and a little disappointed at the same time.

The Good
  • My entry for LD38 has the best scores all around, which of course is great. It demonstrates that I am (hopefully) improving. My results seem to be within the top 25 – 35%, so I am over the hump.
  • In the 4 times I did LD, I released something playable.
Why am I Disappointed?
  • I didn’t rate well in Graphics and Mood (although, I’m not really sure what Mood is). I did expect a little higher rating in Graphics, even though the models I used are very simple. I guess I have to brush up on my Blender skills.
  • I played a few games similar to mine and those rated higher. Perhaps my game was a bit too simple, not “cute” enough, or some other reason?

Should I Continue Development?

Based on how I like my game as well as comments of people who rate my game, I always consider continuing development of my entries (for Retro Rebound Challenge, I actually started work on a more polished game, but decided it wasn’t something that would generate downloads).  After brief consideration, I decided not to continue development of Contamination for the following reasons:

  • I feel my score just doesn’t justify it.
  • Similar games rated higher and authors of those games decided to continue development of their games.

Maybe I will change my mind in the future… who knows.  I am actually considering working on developing Bat Cave as well. Its how the mood strikes me, and comments from the community, I guess.


As always, I had a blast, released a game in 48 hours, and took part in a great community. It has already been announced that Ludum Dare 39 will take place July 28, and I look forward to taking part in that as well.


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