SMS:Next Mission – February 2018 Status

Another six months gone by! Here’s a quick update on the development of Space Mission Survival: The Next Mission.

I am pleased to state that the Classic 70 Arcade, 80s Home Computer, and 90s Console versions of Space Mission Survival have been completed! They are basically one game, with appropriate graphics of the defined decade. I utilized a lot of the code and graphics from “Iteration 5” of the project, and I finished Iteration 6 within 3 months.

What have I done with SMS:TNM since I completed Iteration 6 in July 2017? Basically nothing. As I previously stated, I have been having difficulty working on a theme for the Shmup mode, so the game has been sitting on the back burner. I think I have decided recently on a preliminary theme for the Shmup mode, so I am again enthusiastic about picking up development again in the very near future.

I think we all know where this is going… I am planning to not use Iteration 6 as the basis of the game, and instead will focus on an all-new “Iteration 7” for the Shmup mode. With some minor tweaks, all the code from Iteration 6 will be folded in, so there should be no new development required for the classic modes.

The development of this game is very strange to me. It seems like a project that has no ending. I have stopped and started more times than I can remember. As history has shown, there may be several rounds of dev/nodev coming as well for various reasons including discouragement, momentary lapse of interest, and other side projects like my recently completed Tappy Easter, and some Ludum Dare fun along the way.


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