SMS: Next Mission – August Update

Time for another update… Space Mission Survival: The Next Mission development has been going well these past couple of months. Right now, I have the following modes in a playable state:

  • Arcade 70s – Blips, bloops, vector glow!
  • 8-bit 80s – Classic home computer pixel fun
  • Console 90s – Higher res, digitized sound effects

Screenshots are to the right… click on the pic for a larger image. I am also planning a short video to go over the history of this game, my development timeline, and of course, game play.

No more restarts… this is the project that will continue until release!

Some tweaks that I am planning on adding in the next couple of weeks:

  • Right now, the game plays very similar in all 3 modes (except for the sounds). I plan on adding some additional features to the 80s and 90s mode to include features that were available at the time.  Perhaps a boss level for the 80s mode, and more enemies in the 90s mode.
  • I am considering adding an additional mode for the 2000s. Roughly based on some ideas from my previously abandoned “Shmup Mode”. I have a couple of ideas, but no promises., and I won’t let me hold back the release.
  • I am thinking of adding something to the game for early adopters… perhaps a new mode (text-based 60s, anyone?), or a special ship.

The plan is still to put a version up on or Steam as soon as I can. I am working toward that goal now. Maybe that will generate some feedback.


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