SMS: Early April Update

A couple of weeks since the last update and things are progressing, although a bit slower than I would like. The “Retro 70s” and “Classic 90s” versions of SMS are pretty complete (minor tweaks still needed here and there), and I have begun the development of Shmup Mode.

A few reasons why progress is slowing:

  • I have been experimenting with various ideas for Shmup Mode, and this is taking a bit of time. There’s a couple things I know I want in the game, and there are some things I need to try in order to determine if it will work for me or not.
  • I had to spend a lot of time in order to try things that I ultimately decided I wanted.  For example, in order to test moving the player’s ship across several screens, I had to implement a camera follow and a parallax scrolling routine. The results are promising, but still require some fine tuning.
  • I decided that a tweening library would be a great addition. I spent a few days playing around with the one I chose to buy and use. Amazing stuff, and I see the possibilities. I may also go back and add some tweening to the Classic 90s and Retro 70s version as well.

So, progress was a bit slow, but a lot still got done:

  • Addition of tweening library.
  • Successful test of parallax scrolling.
  • Division of Shmup, Classic 90s, and Retro 70s into individual Unity scenes.

I have another week or so of development, and then I will take a weekend off to participate in Ludum Dare 35. Looking forward to it.

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