March Development Status

It’s been about 2 months since I started my recreation of Space Mission: Survival for desktop, and there has been a lot of progress. The game play for the Retro 70s and Classic 90s modes are pretty much complete. I am going to begin the Shmup mode shortly.

I started with “Classic 90s” mode first, since I am borrowing the graphics, sounds, and game play from my mobile version of Space Mission: Survival (my original goal was to recreate the mobile version). A few minor tweaks to the graphics and sounds, and I also have a playable “Retro 70s” mode. These modes still need a bit of a graphics face lift, but I am happy with the current results (for now), and the game plays nicely in both modes. I may upload a video in a few days.

Now The Hard Part

I am thinking of what I want in the Shmup (aka “bullet hell”) mode. This mode will be an entirely new design, although the basic concept of saving your astronauts will remain. There’s still opportunity to send me your ideas.

Right now, I believe the game will still be in a 2D view, and will allow the player to fly their ship throughout multiple screens. These seem to be the two things I have decided on… everything else is still unknown, but I am thinking about the following things:

  • A weapons upgrade system, and how to display that graphically.
  • The type of weapons you can upgrade to.
  • Whether the astronauts start off of the asteroids, or if they float off ala Classic SMS.

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