Ludum Dare 37 – Update 1

I decided to write a game where the player is in a cave. This is the “one room”. This idea would of also worked for other themes not chosen (underground, etc).

The first 2 hours were spent on design and moving some Unity objects around to get the coding working. I do suck at art, but attached is a rock-like room that you can consider a cave with stalactites. If I have some time later in the compo, I will revisit the art, but for now, this is the best I can do under the time constraints I set for myself. The stalactites are randomly placed when the game starts.

Next up is to create the player, mine shaft, and some power-ups. The idea of the game is to destroy the drips from the stalactites. If the drip hits the ground, it starts creating a stalagmite and makes it difficult for the player to move around.  Power-ups come down the mine shaft and help the player destroy the stalagmites, or gives the player a special ability to cope with what’s going on.  I think I will add some bats for added frustration!


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