Looking Back on 2013

At this time of year, it seems like everyone is compiling a 2013 retrospective list.  Why not?  So… here’s mine.

There are my personal experiences, and I will be brief on each one.  If there is interest, or if I feel compelled to expand on these thoughts, I can dedicate an entire post to a specific topic.

Alpha-beta Asteroids released

Since the release of my first game, Spell Them Out, I wanted to create a sequel.  I started toying around with ideas late in 2012, but really didn’t start putting Alpha-beta Asteroids together until early January 2013.  On and off, it took about 7 months from development to release.

I probably could of put this together quicker, but there were several factors that delayed the development of this game.  First, I was already working on another game and decided to shelve it for a while.  Putting together the working parts to the game, I still needed a theme.  Lots of trial and error and changes in ideas, and I finally hit on the space theme.  The game play came together once I had the theme, and I feel the results are positive (to me).

Corona SDK keeps getting better

I use Corona SDK as my cross-platform development tool.  The end of this year will mark my second full year using Corona.  Over the past year, there has been so many improvements that make development easier and more fun… Graphics 2.0 being the biggest change this year.  If you are interested in all the improvements, or if you want to read up on Corona, check out this blog post by the Corona team.

Current Developments

I wanted to get 2 games out this year, and it seems I fell short on that goal.

I started my first unreleased game back in July of 2012.  I was sure I would get this released this year, but it’s back on the back-burner for now.  I actually started that one over 5 times, saving what I could from the previous attempts, due to learning new and improved ways of doing things.  I started using physics for collisions, then decided not to use physics to detect collisions.  I started using time-based animation (via Corona transitions), then decided to move to frame-based animation (via “enterFrame” runtime listener).  Each time, performance improved, which is great, but I really want to get this game out.

The second unreleased game is one that I am currently working on.  This one was started in late October, and the game play is pretty well established.  I consider this one a sort of retro-space-shooter, and I am enjoying the development process on this game (most of the time!).  There’s a long way to go, but I hope to release this early next year and then get back to my older game to get that one out as well.


Some successes, some failures, some minor delays, but still moving forward!  Let’s hope for a great 2014!

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