Contamination Post Mortem

Another great Ludum Dare in the books (my 4th), and as always, it was a blast. While we wait for judging to begin, I figured it is a good time to work on this Post Mortem for the game I created, “Contamination”.

The theme was “A Small World”, and the idea for my game came much easier than I expected this time. After about 20 minutes putting together the idea, it was off to work.  All my previous LDs were 2D, so I decided to give 3D a shot, and I think it works quite nice with this game. Man, Blender is a monster… I can get simple shapes done, but anything else will take me a very long time… time I don’t have in the Compo. Luckily, the models for this game are simple, and something I thought I can do in Blender so I went for it.

After some sleep, it was back to it on Saturday, and the day was spent putting together the game: enemy germ AI, green cell movement and splitting, player movement and fire. All game movement was done with a tweening library, not physics.  I second-guessed that a few hours later when I could not really manage collisions since these were kinematic objects, but it did not become a problem since I decided I wanted all the game objects to be able to pass through each other (and used triggers instead), otherwise movement would become too cumbersome in such as small space.

Sunday was spent putting in the remaining game play: adding the Super Germ, tweaking the germ and cell spawning, etc.  The afternoon was spent creating sounds and music, adding the HUD, and adding a title screen and instructions.

So, What Went Well?

  • The idea came to me rather quickly, so I didn’t have to sweat it out.  I also felt like this was a game I really wanted to develop.  That kept me motivated throughout the Compo.
  • The tweening library worked like a charm.  What a time-saver.
  • Even though the game has “simple” objects and effects, they did come out better than I expected. I was successful in creating 3D objects and particle effects.

What Could’ve Gone Better?

  • I have to either get better at Blender, or find another tool.  I don’t do art well, but working in Blender seems like I am fighting the tool, and not my lack of modelling skills.  Yes, I get it, lots of keyboard shortcuts, but it is hard to work that way if you only get in there from time to time.

Please check out my game and let me know what you think.

Ludum Dare Entry

Direct link to Windows, Mac, Linux version

Direct link to WebGL version


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