My Ludum Dare 34 Results

Ludum Dare #34 ScoreLudum Dare #34 has come to a close, and my score is (drumroll):

  • 570 overall (out of 1232 compo entries)
  • In the top 30% “fun” category.

My thoughts? Being that this is my first LD, and my first attempt in getting something out in Unity, I am happy. It’s also a baseline for LD35.

Thanks to all who played Retro Rebound Challenge!




Continuing Development of Retro Rebound Challenge

After submitting Retro Rebound Challenge as my Ludum Dare entry, I received some positive feedback. I asked folks who played my game if there would be interest in me continuing development, and I decided I should at least explore the possibility of a full release.

I’ve spent the past week developing a real-time drag-and-drop level editor that can be used to create the in-game levels. It’s a bit crude, but it works. I am going to try to tighten the code up and add save/recall features.

If I can create some puzzles for a single player and co-op mode, I am considering releasing Retro Rebound Challenge as a full release. My plan would be to include the level editor so people can create and share their own levels.

As always, I am interested in your thoughts on the game, whether I should continue development, and any ideas for improvements.

Ludum Dare 34 Post Mortem

screen2Ludum Dare 34 has come and gone, and while it is still fresh in my memory, I decided to put my thoughts down about the development of Retro Rebound Challenge in this blog.

After the theme was announced, I spent about an hour hashing ideas around, and decided on a “throw a ball in a cup” game that eventually morphed into a pong-like game. Keeping it simple was the key… the theme was 2 button controls, and a retro pong game should use retro graphics, so the paddle, ball, and brick images, as well as the sound effects were a simple design that I feel worked well.

Tools Used
What went well
  • Since it was my first Ludum Dare, and my first time actually using Unity to finish a project, I really didn’t know what to expect other than it was a very good possibility that I would not get anything released at all. I did get a playable game out!
  • Saturday morning I got up and thought that perhaps I should start over with a new idea, since I wasn’t happy with the progress. I decided to stick with it, and it came out better than I thought it would.
  • I am glad I added a level select feature. This is great for my testing, and for rating my game. The game adds complexity as you play, and I don’t expect a reviewer to play all the way through.
What Didn’t Go Well
  • For some reason, it took several hours to get the ball to behave correctly. Guess I need to refresher in Unity physics settings. Looking at it now, it seems easy enough, but it was very frustrating at the time.
  • I wish I had time to fix a few minor issues (Don’t we all).

I accomplished what I set out to do… release something that is playable, and I exceeded my expectations. I think Retro Rebound Challenge came out better than I could imagine.

To conclude, I had a blast, and I look forward to the next Ludum Dare. Depending on responses, I may continue development, since I do have several ideas I would like to add.

My Ludum Dare Entry

Ludum Dare 34 Compo is over, and I had a great time. This was my first LD.

My game, Retro Rebound Challenge, is now submitted and is available for voting. Please check it out for free.

I plan on a detailed post mortem blog soon.



Ludum Dare 34 Status – Day 1 Complete

Made a lot of progress in 1 day. My pong-like game is coming around.

I added a few different obstacles. This video shows one of the later levels that include static (red) obstacles, and the green ones are breakable, but grow back after 8 seconds.

Day 2 will be spent on adding some other random sounds, more random obstacles, and polishing.

My First Ludum Dare

After sitting on the sidelines and watching the past couple of Ludum Dare events, I am finally entering.

For those that do not know, Ludum Dare is a 48 hour game jam… more details on their site. I am looking forward to seeing what I can develop in 48 hours, and I do hope I can get enough completed so it can be played by others.

Right now, I am thinking of entering the Compo, and using Unity. This will also be my first attempt in getting a Unity game released, so add that additional stress to the mix.

For those that are interested, I plan on releasing whatever I develop on my page, and will tweet as much as I can throughout. I will not be live streaming, but I do plan on releasing a time-lapse video on my YouTube channel.

Ludum Dare 34 starts Friday, December 11 through Sunday, December 13.