Announcing GBC Language Cabinet Plugin for CoronaSDK

GBC Language Cabinet is an easy to use way to display text in different languages. Simply specify which languages you are supporting, create or import tables of translated text, and use a basic function call to return the text in the correct language.

Several options exist to make your life even easier:

  • Text can be created with embedded keys. During the getText call, parameters can then be passed via a table. The returning text will be formatted to replace the keys with the parameters you passed. See below for examples.
  • You can import a comma-delimited file or a json file containing your text (including embedded keys!) instead of using multiple addText calls.

GBC Language Cabinet is available on the Corona Plugin Store.

Announcing GBC Data Cabinet for Corona SDK

GBC Data Cabinet, my free Corona SDK plugin, has been released on the Corona Plugin Store.

GBC Data Cabinet is used to create one or more data repositories, which is then used to store and recall data needed in your application. Data can be used throughout the application, without using global variables.

Data Cabinets can also be saved and recalled at a later time, which is ideal for keeping persistent data such as scores and other values that should not be reset between launches of the application.

For more information, check out the Corona Plugin Store, or view the plugin’s documentation.

Announcing Space Mission: Survival

I have never released an announcement, video, or screen shot of any of my apps prior to release, but I am going to give it a try now.  I’m actually a bit nervous.

So without any further delay, here is a brief video of my upcoming game, Space Mission: Survival.

Space Mission: Survival is a retro space-themed arcade shooter.  In the game, you have 10 seconds of fuel per level to destroy the alien ships and save your astronauts.  The game is over when either all your ships are destroyed or all the astronauts are lost.

Game features:

  • Retro gameplay… you actually try to score points to get a high score!
  • Retro sounds
  • Arcade-like attract modes
  • Support for different languages
  • Achievements and Leaderboard support
  • Facebook and Twitter bragging

This game will be available soon… please check back for status updates.  Like us on Facebook or Twitter for status updates as well.